Automotive Services Lab (ASL)

Initial Situation

In the automotive industry, competitiveness is increasingly influenced by IT-based innovations. This makes it essential to identify IT innovations at an early stage and turn them into valuable and useful services for the existing and future customers.

Project Aim

Our mission is the design and implementation of IT-based solutions in the car that are technically feasible and economically profitable. Therefore, we develop on the one hand solutions to the technical aspects (requirements for infrastructure, enabling technologies, design and prototyping, user interface). On the other hand, we take also the economic aspects into account and develop appropriate solutions for this purpose (modularization of services, value creation and business models).


The Automotive Services Lab (ASL), founded by the Chair of Information Systems (I17) at Technische Universität München, is an innovative research model created to cope with current and future challenges of software and IT-services in the automotive sector. ASL’s purpose to connect the academic world with enterprises has been a great success story. Providing the cornerstones for students to innovate, develop and establish profitable solutions for sustainable and individual mobility is part of our mission. Understanding customer needs for in-vehicle information systems is our engine to drive automotive service innovations to the next level. Pursuing that goal has led several students, researchers and enterprises to work on our interdisciplinary projects to discover the future of automotive software and services already today.

Our Services:

  • Develop innovative and profitable solutions to support effective and sustainable individual mobility.
  • Contribute to the understanding of in-vehicle information systems and innovation management.
  • Inspire university students to tackle the pressing challenges towards sustainable mobility.
  • Develop new interaction metaphors and innovative automotive services for electric mobility in urban areas.


The Lab offers customized, individualized and innovative solutions to the challenges related to IT-based services in the car and the realization of profitable solutions for sustainable and individual mobility. Our young and dynamic team is characterized by the systematic development of promising solutions, relevant experience in prototyping of services, and by its independence.

Additional Information

Automotive Services Lab


Dr. Michael Schermann
Tobias Schlachtbauer, M.Sc.
Nina Röder, M.Sc.