Prisma: Printed Smart RFID Labels

Initial Situation

Previously, tracking and tracing by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is in the logistics area only with high-cost silicon chips possible. Currently, cheap in mass quantities alternatives are not available. Printable chips on organic semiconductors, for example Polymers, are in development and could fill this gap

Project Aim

Developing applications for printed RFID labels in various areas of logistics, testing and evaluating the developed solution to economic efficiency in the field of application. It aims to create the basis for standardization and for exploitation of the technology in selected areas of logistics.


Printed RFID labels based on polymer electronics are developed by project partners of PRISMA. These tags are examined in the context of PRISMA in product and field tests for use in logistics and security applications at airports. For this, the entire life cycle of the labels is considered and formative evaluated - from production and their integration into document to operational use. Also, the additional necessary infrastructure, such as readers, will be developed and a connection to other logistics systems established.


  • Application test under real conditions
  • Identification and delineation of possible applications for polymer RFID systems
  • Evidence on cost effectiveness of polymer RFID systems and market development strategies for polymer electronics manufacturers
  • Basis for quality assurance and packaging concepts for printed RFID labels
  • Basis for standardization
  • Improvement of safety and traceability in the baggage handling process


Scientific Partners

Technische Universität München, Chair for Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Krcmar)

Business Partners

Poly IC
Bartsch International
Höft & Wessel

Research Funding

Federal Ministry of Education and Research
VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

Additional Information


Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister