¡communicate! - communication and leadership

Initial Situation

Communication is steadily gaining importance in business and organization due to society's increasing economization. In addition, the critical public requires transparancy, honesty and clarity in the communication of executies. Thus, communication is a key success factor.

Project Aim

The aim of the program ¡communicate! is to offer a comprehensive and integrated education and training in the areas communication and leadership competence.


The executive MBA establishes the core of the program. It consits of five modules:


  1. Management Foundations
  2. Market, Governmental & Social Communication
  3. Communication Management & Media
  4. Organizational Communication & Change
  5. Leadership Communication & Strategies

The content is taught through a mixture of theory, examples, methods, and a high degree of self-reflection. In addition, a Running Case, in which a company is analyzed from all five perspectives (cf. modules), is used as an integrating element. The annual program is accompanied by a 2/3-day executive training and an one-week summer school, which take up topics in the field of communication. Those three offers are intended for experienced managers, who want to acquire even deeper strategic management and communication skills in addition to their general education.


¡communicate! wants to convey a sound economic knowledge through its qualification modules. The participants learn to analyze social and communicative processes and acquire communication skills in order to communicate them. ¡Communicate! wants to professionalize general and communication manager, and thus, help to improve the transparency of communication.


Prof. Robert K. Frhr. von Weizsäcker (Module 1)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Bruhn (Module 2)
Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar (Academic Director) (Module 3)
Prof. Dr. Rainer Trinczek (Module 4)
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ralf Reichwald (Module 5)

Research Funding

This joint program was sponsored by the three foundations Bertelsmann Stiftung, Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung und DaimlerChrysler-Fonds until 2007. Since then, it is managed by the university.

Additional Information



Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar