MUTE: Electromobility, Automotive Services, CarIT, Value-Added Services

Initial Situation

The pilot project MUTE will show that in the near future electric mobility is also suitable for mas application. For the first time technical challenges with socio-economic conditions are combined in a comprehensive research approach.

The resulting, cost effective and innovative vehicle concept for the use in the urban area and its surrounding areas, will be introduced as a wheeled prototype at the IAA in Frankfurt 2011.

The results of scientific innovations are developed by the participating industrial partners to marketable solutions.


With the realization of the vehicle and mobility concept MUTE all involved will create new approaches for further research topics at TU München in the field of electric mobility that can be studied with the vehicle as a demonstrator.

Against this background, the Chair for Information Systems (I17) examines the role of information and communication technology in and around vehicles. The focus is on use-creating value-added services, called automotive services, which address specific needs, particularly in commercial vehicle use. In this case, such services are not investigated, but developed and tested as part of research projects and student work. Thus, systematic and valid conclusions to stable and profitable business models with automotive services can be done.

Sustainable mobility concepts with electric vehicles are not sustainable without effective IT infrastructure and a customizable service mixture. Only the linking of various transport with information techniques, the allocation of vehicle fleets, or user-friendly support for various loading strategy enables innovative mobility concepts.

As an example, automotive services remind to charge the battery in the event that he has forgotten it. Also, the electric vehicle books flexibly more transportation and organizes the transport of luggage as soon as the range of the electric vehicle is exceeded. Innovative personalization features make innovative concepts, such as car-on-demand, a special mobile experience.


The original idea and initiative came from the Institute of Automotive Technology of TU München. Due to many interested parties, the team now consists of more than 200 assistants and students from 20 chairs. In the development of serially-implementable electric vehicles, TU München sees the chance to connect research and innovation in this area with a viable product. There are lots of ideas, concepts and proposals for E-Mobility - MUTE implements many of these ideas and will prove that the electrically driven vehicles provide a whole new world of mobility. The Chair of Industrial Design is concerned with the design development for a low-cost electric mobility. 12 students in the field of architecture work since April 1, 2010 for this. Among the special requirements of Southeast Asia, the project will be continued in Singapore as part of TUM CREATE.

Additional Information


Dr. Michael Schermann