Digital Maturity

Initial Situation

Virtual spaces such as information platforms, social networks or online communities are becoming more and more popular. People tend to live in and use virtual and physical spaces at the same time. The increasing popularity of virtual spaces raises the question of what role an individual person should have in virtual spaces in terms of his/her decision-making and behavior. For traditional physical spaces, the ideal is seen as a sovereign person who is self-dependent and can make decisions at his/her own responsibility. In order to ensure maturity in digital spaces, this ideal needs to be transferred into the digital context.

Project Aim

The project aims to develop, understand, define and describe in detail the concept of digital maturity. This includes the search for empirical evidence of digital maturity within the German population as well as the development of recommendations for provider and creators of digital spaces.


The project consists of three subsequent phases that build on one another. These three phases are as follows:

  • Development of a concrete concept and thorough understanding of digital maturity.
  • Search for empirical evidence within Germany.
  • Derivation of recommendations from the empirical evidence and the gained understanding of the term digital maturity.


The results of the project will help to show opportunities to design, plan and realize public as well as private services that are able to meet the requirements of digital maturity. Besides, the project should enhance the political and official discourse regarding digital maturity. It is therefore targeted at the industry as a user and creator of digital spaces, the public and especially politics.


Scientific Partners

Technische Universität München, Chair for Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Krcmar)
Universität St. Gallen, Institute for Media and Communication Management (MCM)
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Chair for Business Administrations

Research Funding 



Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar
Vanessa Greger (Contact person)
Robert Zepic