Solution Delivery Methodology: Design, development and implementation of a process construction kit for the IT department at BMW Financial Services

Initial Situation

In this project, on the one hand the internal system for the implementation of IT projects will be further developed and on the other hand the integration of external partners into these projects will be facilitated.

Particular requirements for the framework of the "Solution Delivery Methodology" (SDM) are:

  • Transferability of selected parts to external partners: BMW Financial Services works with low power deep. Therefore, in general external partners are involved in the implementation of solutions. Often there are technology companies that do not yet have sufficiently matured processing models and management processes.
  • Introduction and securing acceptance of SDM: BMW Financial Services wants to ensure that the methodology is provided attractively to project manager.

Project Aim

The unification of the approach in IT projects by the "Solution Delivery Methodology".


IT Processes of the "Solution Delivery Methodology" are defined, provided and continuously developed in terms of activities, involved roles and deliverables results.

Work Packages:

  • Further development of a framework for the "Solution Delivery Methodology".
  • Development and testing of the sub-processes for the "Solution Delivery Methodology".
  • Development and testing of a deployment and further development model for the "Solution Delivery Methodology".


The Chair for Information Systems ensures the alignment of the SDM on state-of-the-art IT project and service management. During the project, the Department can test innovative and application-oriented concepts, methods and systems. By the partnership between BMW Financial Services and TUM, innovation and improvement of the solution management and the associated knowledge management tools at BMW Financial Services is guaranteed.


Scientific Partners

Technische Universität München, Chair for Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Krcmar)

Business Partners

BMW Financial Services, SF1-40, A. Romeijn


Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar