Professional Programme in Business & Enterprise Architecture (BEA)

Initial Situation

Their need to deal with complexity increases risks and costs, at a time when most are under pressure to reduce these. At the same time they need to be agile in reacting to market changes and delivering quickly. Responding to these challenges requires sharing of best practice and the right balance of synergy to avoid duplication of effort, while preserving local autonomy. The Professional Programme in Business & Enterprise Architecture evaluates these challenges and responses from the viewpoint of key stakeholders in order to increase the capability of Enterprise Architects. Most companies recognise the key role of Enterprises Architects in developing a winning enterprise model through a good understanding of the business strategy and their ability to design agile business and IT operations that achieve lasting superior performance. We also highlight the growing role and importance of Business Architects in this area. This programme is specifically designed to enhance their skills as well as helping others with relevant experience to migrate to EA and BA roles. The role of the enterprise architect requires a wide knowledge of the business and of the opportunities that arise from an innovative use of information technology.

Project Aim

The objective of the programme is to help enterprise architects acquire and develop their knowledge of enterprise architecture as well as enhance the required behavioural skills:

  • Acquiring a clear understanding of business strategy and the required business design to execute it successfully
  • Understanding and mastering best practices in Enterprise Architecture
  • Developing an up to date knowledge of other key disciplines in Information Management (such as Demand Management, Global Sourcing and Governance) and what they imply for an Enterprise Architect


It has been developed by leading business schools under the sponsorship of EuroCIO with the involvement of enterprise architects working for top European companies. It is aligned with EuroCIO’s e-competence matrix and is the first professional training launched by EuroCIO in its Executive Education Programme, in line with CIOs priority on Enterprise Architecture. It is a programme primarily designed for Enterprise Architects in the “demand” organisations of large European companies.

The programme involves business schools from different locations in Europe delivering training both on the techniques and management of enterprise architecture. It combines the best practices with innovative content delivered by Henley Business School, TIAS School for Business and Society (Tilburg university) and TUM School of Management (Munich), who have vast experience in training professionals and executives in Business Management and Enterprise Information Management.

The training will also include sessions on behavioural skills (such as Communication, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Working in Teams) set in an Enterprise Architecture context to enhance performance in the cross functional role of the enterprise architect.

Work Packages:

The 18 month programme comprises three stages each of three modules. The stages progressively address the Strategy, Solutions and Implementation of Business & Enterprise Architecture. Together, the 9 modules span all of the 7 disciplines of EuroCIO’s e-competence matrix covering the key elements of Corporate Information Management. Hence programme members will receive a broad education in Business IT Management as well as specific professional expertise in Business & Enterprise Architecture.

  • Stage 1: Define strategy & enterprise architecture
    • Strategy & Business Design
    • Enterprise Architecture Scope
    • Governance
  • Stage 2: Design enterprise architecture solutions
    • Demand Management
    • Enterprise Architecture Design
    • Global Sourcing
  • Stage 3: Implement business & enterprise architecture
    • Programme Management
    • Enterprise Architecture Implementation
    • Support & Execution


The programme is intended for professionals in charge of Enterprise Architecture or wishing to evolve towards this position:

Participants will come mainly from “demand” organisations of many different industries.

Our goal is to have the participants represent a rich diversity of businesses and countries, thus bringing a wealth of experience to the programme.

Participants will typically have a good first degree or an equivalent professional qualification and a minimum of 3 years experience; however applications are welcomed from individuals with substantial knowledge, experience and skills in a relevant field who do not meet these requirements.


Scientific Partners

TUM School of Management (Munich) (Professor Helmut Krcmar)
TIAS School for Business and Society / Tilburg University (Professor Piet Ribbers)
Henley Business School (Professor Sharm Manwani)

Additional Information


Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar