Eco Rapid: Introduction of an Integrated Environmental Information Management in Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Initial Situation

Modern instruments of environmental management enable the protection of the environment while at the same time reducing operating costs. Until now, the high effort for data acquisition and processing hinders the distribution of such environmental management tools in corporate practice.

A problem often turn out to be:

  • inconsistent and poorly structured data,
  • high temporal costs for the acquisition of standard data (e.g. for environmental reports),
  • inaccurate data and
  • lack of availability of data.


ECORAPID improves the ratio of costs and benefits of environmental information systems significantly by the introduction of a professional environmental information management. This is achieved through the use of standard business software.


Specifically, users can based on ECORAPID

  • integrate essential tools of environmental management in one concept;
  • use their operational data processing systems for the implementation of the instruments;
  • increase the transparency of material and energy flows for many applications;
  • make the economic and ecological relevance of material and energy flows visible;
  • make decision-relevant data for selected target groups available;
  • improve the efficiency of the information system and
  • realize significant cost reductions and simultaneously achieve environmental benefits.


Scientific Partners

Universität Hohenheim, Chair for Information Systems (project management)

Business Partners

Green IT, Konstanz, in collaboration with the Institut für Management und Umwelt, Augsburg

Research Funding

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
DBU Aktenzeichen 15366

Additional Information


Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar