IT-Controlling Bavaria: Creating a Conceptual Framework for IT Controlling

IT Controlling, IT Governance, Public Administration

Initial Situation

A supply of relevant data and information on the conditions of administrative action is necessary for proper possible decisions of administrative leadership in Bavaria. For this, controlling provides important support for example by identifying alternatives. An important part of the cross-section function controlling is IT controlling which increases the transparency in the IT sector and improves control capabilities. A holistic IT controlling approach in Bavaria accounts the interests of the Executive Department of the IT Officer of the Bavarian State Government, the data centers north and south, state chancellery and the individual departments.
Project aim is to develop and implement a conceptual framework for IT controlling that meets the needs of all involved stakeholders. In particular data, processes and methods will be developed that are required to enable a task and need-based IT controlling in both ministerial departments, as well as inter-departmentally in the field of the Executive Department of the IT Officer. To implement and perform the IT controlling remains in the strategic and operational responsibility of the departments, which provide the necessary controlling information to the Executive Department of the IT Officer.


The project work’s focus is on dealing with the effectiveness and efficiency of IT controlling. Therefore, the framework to be worked out will be limited to the provision of services, which can largely be considered independently of the power usage. The metrics to be collected will be defined in close consultation with the departments and included in a target group-specific reporting. The framework takes a modular approach in which state-wide mandatory indicators can be coupled with controlling approaches of the departments.


The framework provides a comprehensive definition of IT controlling and describes the fields of action and requirements. The responsibilities of in IT controlling processes involved parties will be described, in particular the Executive Department of the IT Officer of the Bavarian State Government, the departments and data centers. In addition, the framework constitutes the demand of information needed for controlling. The concept provides controlling methods and processes, clarifies requirements for a practical implementation and represents their benefits.

Research Funding

Executive Department of the IT Officer of the Bavarian State Government


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Dr. Andreas R. Schwertsik