GeSt-Eval (Evaluation der Gesamtsteuerung)

Evaluation of the overall control of the state capital Stuttgart

Initial Situation

Against the background of administrative reform initiatives, such as the Neues Steuerungsmodell and the New Public Management, considerations were given also in Stuttgart, how policies and approaches can be usefully designed and implemented.
“Control as if made from one piece” was detected as an important prerequisite. This means an overall control system in which the operationalization of strategies is performed by measures whose implementation is fed back to the management, so that they can take corrective measures in case of deviations.


The city of Stuttgart, which was pioneer in introducing computer-based parliamentary work (Cuparla), has decided to introduce an overall control system – and is therefore in the forefront of reform municipalities. Together with the management consultancy Roland Berger & Partner, the overall control system is to be implemented nationwide. The aim is to improve the control of the city of Stuttgart by the local council. In addition, a unification of existing control systems in offices, especially at their interfaces to other areas, will be implemented.
The overall control system, which was introduced as a part of the project PLUSS (planning and controlling in Stuttgart), is supported scientifically and evaluated formatively by the Universität Hohenheim.


An objective evaluation of the project shall be made by scientific support. In addition, optimization opportunities shall be shown for the overall control system. Due to the forefront of Stuttgart in comparison to other municipalities, the introduction of the overall control system as an innovative project can make a significant contribution to scientific knowledge.
Last but not least, there are important interfaces between Cuparla and the Competence Center Telegremien (further projects within the framework of PLUSS) and the overall control system. These will be examined in the context of scientific support.


Scientific Partners

Technische Universität München, Chair for Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Krcmar)

Business Partners

State Capital Stuttgart
Unternehmensberatung Roland Berger & Partner (Management Consultancy)

Research Funding

Vöhringer et al. (1999): Nullmessungsbericht GeSt-Eval


Dr. Petra Wolf