CarveIT: Carve Out, Merger&Acquisitions, Business Combinations

Initial Situation

Acquisitions and sales of other companies and single business areas have been essential business instruments of the strategic company management for a long time. Key drivers for this development are in particular the increasing globalization as well as deregulation and the associated expectation of securing market shares and diversification into new markets and products. While research deals predominantly with the “bundling” (mergers and acquisitions), “unbundling” of companies and their IT aspects receive much less attention in current research.


The approach of the project is based on two pillars. Firstly, a literature review is conducted to identify the current state of research. In parallel, experts are interviewed about their experiences in IT carve outs.


  • Developing suitable requirements and approaches to execute an IT carve out systematically.
  • In this context, best and bad practices and critical success factor that have an influence on executing IT-carve-out-projects shall be documented in a scientific manner.
  • Summary of the requirements and a procedure model based on interviews and literature (theory).
  • Identification of research gaps.


Scientific Partners

Technische Universität München, Chair for Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Krcmar)

Business Partners

Siemens IT Solutions and Services (SIS)


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Prof. Dr. Jan Marco Leimeister