Summer term 2024

Course no.TitleTypeDates
0000004476Advanced Practical Course - Developing innovative services at the example of SAP technologies (IN2128, IN2106, IN212802)PRLink
0000001261Advanced Practical Course - Enterprise Software Engineering at the Example of SAP (IN2128, IN2106, IN212801)PRLink
0000002284Advanced Practical Course - Message Correlation and Inter-Instance/Process Communication in Process Aware Information Systems (IN2106, IN2130)PRLink
0000002278Advanced Practical Course - Supportive Process Automation and Worker Assistance (IN2128, IN2106)PRLink
0000005696Advanced Practical Course - Sustainable Process Automation: Humans, Software and the Mediator Pattern (IN2130, IN2106, IN4303)PRLink
0000000921Advanced Practical Course - There and Back Again - Foundations and Applications of Process (Re-)Discovery with Petri Nets and Process Trees (IN2106, IN2128)PRLink
0000001900Advanced Seminar - Digital Transformation & Sustainability (IN2107, IN4426)SELink
0000001679Advanced Seminar - Digital Transformation (IN2107, IN2396, IN4831)SELink
0000005644Advanced Seminar - Scientific Methods in Information Systems (IN2107, IN4439)SELink
0000005636Advanced Seminar Course for Graduands and Postgraduates - Business Process Management (IN2122)SELink
821092443Advanced Seminar Course for Graduands and Postgraduates - Information Systems (IN2122)SELink
0000000922Automatische Ausführung von Prozessmodellen (IN0012, IN4365)PRLink
0240955863Business Process Technologies and Management (IN2105)VILink
0000000011Data Analytics in Applications (IN0014, IN2107, IN45040)SELink
0000005524Doctoral Seminar Business Process Management (IN2136)SELink
821087631Doctoral Seminar Information Systems - Workshop on Information Systems and Services Sciences (IN2136)SELink
0000000167IT Law in Public Administrations: E-Government Act, IT Security and Procurement (Überfachliche Grundlagen, IN9046)SELink
0000005682Seminar - Scientific Methods in Information Systems (IN0014, IN4440)SELink
0000002201Seminar - Trends in Information Systems (IN0014, IN2107, IN4923)SELink