WebCo@ch: Development and Implementation of Knowledge-Intensive Services in the Digital Production

Initial Situation

The efficient management of various partners and resources in a highly dynamic environment include frequently observed problems (e.g. multimedia companies): unrealistic cost estimates of projects, lack of knowledge in the area of customer management, inadequate project monitoring, coordination of different services, inadequate risk management tools or lack of knowledge management.


As a part of the project a WebCo@ch platform with the following components will be developed:

  • Collaboration platform to support communication, coordination and collaboration of coaches and coachees.
  • Providing coaching guides on project-specific topics as an orientation aid and coaching guide for coaches.
  • Reference documents on project-specific topics as best practice examples.
  • Tools for project-specific topics to support e.g. analysis, reporting and monitoring of the coaching event. 


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The platform enables contact and communication between coach and coachee, the mutual coordination of labor activities, the meeting of decentralized decisions, coordinating appointments and activities and the creation and editing of common material.


  1. Development of the WebCo@ch platform for web-based support for communication, coordination and collaboration of coaches and coachees of the classic coaching process.
  2. For the project management areas project planning and project controlling, risk management, conflict management, legal, customer relationship management and team management special coaching manuals, reference documents and tools will be developed and evaluated in a pilot implementation.


Scientific Partner

Technische Universität München, Chair for Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Krcmar)

Business Partner

Deutscher Multimedia Verband e.V.
Pulsaris GmbH, Management Consulting
ITM GmbH, Management Consulting
Dr. Dieter Hertweck, Coach and Project Manager
Markus Schließ, Lawyer http://www.volkswagen.de/de.html

Research Funding

Federal Ministry of Education and Research funding program "Wissensintensive Dienstleistungen"
Funding Reference 01 HW0205

Additional Information



Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar