TRPro: Taming the Impact of Regulatory Document Changes on Process Compliance

The TRPro project is funded by the German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) as "Sachbeihilfe" under the project number 514769482.

The project addresses process compliance, i.e., the verification of process-related information such as process models, process descriptions, and process event logs/streams against regulatory documents and constraints imposed on the processes. Regulatory documents comprise regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulations, ISO norms, and internal quality guidelines. The main question is how to determine the effects of regulatory changes on process compliance and how to tame the complexity of concurrent regulatory and process changes.

As depicted in the following figure, the problem is complex as regulatory documents and process-related information might be present in different formats. We assume that regulatory changes have their origin always in their (original) textual representation, possibly resulting in the need to propagate the changes to other existing representations such as formal constraints. Moreover, the impact of the regulatory changes onto the processes can affect them in different representations, ranging from textual process descriptions, over process models, to event-based logs or streams.

The TRPro project perfectly complements the AI-driven process automation and mining initiative at the i17 Chair that focuses on LLMs, predictive compliance monitoring, and process automation.

Prof. Rinderle-Ma serves as a Principal Investigator (PI) of the TRPro project. TRPro is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Karolin Winter, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands .


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