NDA-Modeler: Meta-Modeling of Needs Driven Approach (NDA)

Initial Situation

The framework for analysis of the Needs Driven Approach with its proposed analysis techniques has proven to be useful in various projects. For further use the question is how the NDA model can be made more efficient. The basic literature for NDA (Schwabe and Krcmar, 1996) describes the analysis techniques, but does not address in detail to the meta-objects and their relationships. The productivity when using the DNA method can be increased if it is supported by a tool. In the project NDA Modeler a met model for the NDA has been developed which provides the basis for tool support. The aim of the NDA Modeler is to map the relationship of the elements formally.


The meta modeling tool ALFABET (C) provides an environment for the implementation of graphically realizable NDA analysis techniques, which allows the integrative design and visualization of models of process and organization description. Hereby, a meta model for the Needs Driven Approach has been developed.


NDA is used for the analysis of tele-collaboration scenarios. The NDA Modeler supports the presentation and interpretation of NDA diagrams crucial. Currently, the beta version 0.65 of the NDA Modeler is available. It supports representation and linking of all NDA meta-objects.


Schwabe, G.; Krcmar, H. (1996). "Der Needs Driven Approach - Eine Methode zur bedarfsgerechten Gestaltung von Telekooperation." Pp. 69-87 in Herausforderung Telekooperation, edited by Helmut Krcmar, Hendrik Lewe, and Gerhard Schwabe. Berlin et al.: Springer.


Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar