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Visiting ECIS 2023

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Last week, researchers of Krcmar Lab attended the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2023) of the AIS that took place in Kristiansand, Norway.

The conference presented a great opportunity to network and engage in interesting and constructive discussions. We had the chance to present and discuss the following papers:

  • Drieschner, Clemens; Sensoy, Mert; Weking, Jörg; and Krcmar, Helmut, "Business Capability Mining - Opportunities and Challenges".
  • Floetgen, Rob Jago; Winder, Philipp; Fielt, Erwin; Weking, Jörg; Hein, Andreas; Schreieck, Maximilian; Böhm, Markus; and Krcmar, Helmut, "OWNERSHIP STRUCTURES AND GOVERNANCE STRATEGIES FOR DIGITAL PLATFORM ECOSYSTEMS: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY".
  • Kauschinger, Martin; Münch, Christian; and Schreieck, Maximilian, "Knowledge Sharing in Platform Ecosystems through Sponsored Online Communities: The Influence of User Roles and Media Richness".
  • Reindl-Spanner, Philipp; Prommegger, Barbara; Gensichen, Jochen; and Krcmar, Helmut, "EXPLORING THE POTENTIALS OF PATIENT-GENERATED HEALTH DATA FOR THE TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION".
  • Zimmermann, Sina Kristin; Feike, Paula Leonie; Hein, Andreas; and Gewald, Heiko, "Combined Digital Nudging to Leverage Public Transportation Use".