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i17 @ Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2021

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The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2021 took place in a virtual format at the beginning of January. Several papers on digital platforms, blockchain and IT workforce have been presented:

  • Moving beyond the Build-or-Join Decision: A Multiple Case Study on Multi-Platform Strategies of Incumbent Firms (Hermes, Sebastian; Guhl, Rebekka; Schreieck, Maximilian; Weking, Jörg; Krcmar, Helmut)
  • Who Quits Privacy-Invasive Online Platform Operators? A Segmentation Study with Implications for the Privacy Paradox (Hermes, Sebastian; Sutanrikulu, Anela; Schreieck, Maximilian; Krcmar, Helmut)
  • Computing and Social Welfare: Minimizing the Societal Harm From Digital Transfor-mation While Preserving the Benefits of Innovation (Clemons, Eric; Waran, Ravi V.; Li , Victoria; Hermes, Sebastian; Schreieck, Maximilian)
  • Process Automation on the Blockchain: An Exploratory Case Study on Smart Contracts (Eggers, Julia; Hein, Andreas; Weking, Jörg; Böhm, Markus; Krcmar, Helmut)
  • Introduction to the Minitrack on Enterprise Blockchains (Zavolokina, Liudmila; Schwabe, Gerhard; Hein, Andreas; Krcmar, Helmut)
  • Investigating the Role of Stakeholders in Agile Information Systems Development Projects: A Mixed Methods Approach (Huck-Fries, Veronika; Nothaft, Francisca; Wiesche, Manuel)
  • Computer, Whom Should I Hire? – Acceptance Criteria for Artificial Intelligence in the Recruitment Process (Laurim, Vanessa; Arpaci, Selin; Prommegger, Barbara; Krcmar, Helmut)

The conference proceedings can be found at .