ISC Mining Prototype Extensions

The aim of business process compliance is to check and ensure that business processes obey to the guidelines and constraints imposed on them by regulatory documents. Constraints can thereby refer to only one instance of a process type or to multiple instances of one or even several process types. The latter two types of constraints are summarized under the term Instance Spanning Constraints (ISC). Checking whether an executed business process obeyed to the constraints imposed on it can be achieved by employing process discovery techniques. ISC discovery has recently been researched and a web-based prototype capable of detecting ISC and business processes using the Heuristics Miner was developed.

The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to extend the existing prototype such that reasonable statistical information on the constraints and the executed process(es) is depicted to a user. Further extensions, like integrating supplementary process discovery algorithms are also conceivable.

It is possible to work on this topic alone or in small teams (2 or 3 students).

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