Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room Seminar room 01.09.034

Time Wednesdays, 9:00 - 10:30


Wed, Oct 4 Johannes Hingerl Evolutionary-scale DNA language models
Wed, Oct 18 Ines Scheller A Fast and Harmonized Framework for Outlier Detection in Omics Data
Wed, Oct 25 Alexander Karollus Species-aware DNA language models capture regulatory elements and their evolution
Wed, Nov 8 Pedro Tomaz da Silva Solving the transcriptome code by sequencing 500 million years of fungi evolution
Wed, Nov 15 Laura Martens Benchmarking methods for cell type deconvolution of spatial accessibility data & Plans for single-cell downstream tasks for the species-aware DNA language models
Thu, Nov 23 Christian Mertes NCBench: providing a continuouse benchmarking approach
Thu, Nov 30 Eva Holtkamp Integration of variant annotations using deep set networks boosts rare variant association genetics
Wed, Dec 6 Shubhankar Londhe Improving rare variants association studies using functional gene embeddings
Wed, Dec 13 Yanik Bruns De novo identification of co-eluting peptides in chimeric mass spectra
Wed, Dec 20 Xavier Hernandez Alias Regulation of mRNA translation by protein-metabolite interactions

Wed, Jan 10

Nils Wagner Improving tissue-specific splicing predictions
Wed, Jan 17 Vicente Yépez RNA-seq based rare diseases diagnostics at the Pan-European consortium Solve-RD
Wed, Jan 24 Florian Hölzlwimmer Multi-tissue prediction of aberrant gene expression
Wed, Feb 7 Daniela Klaproth-Andrade De novo sequencing with deep learning
Thu, Feb 22 Alexander Karollus Cross-species prediction of single base-pair resolution CAGE profiles using DNA language models
Wed, Feb 28 Johannes Hingerl First forays into gene-aware Species LMs
Wed, Mar 6 Pedro Tomaz da Silva Long-range nucleotide and cis-regulatory code interactions are revealed by DNA Language models
Wed, Mar 27 Shubhankar Londhe Functional gene embedding improves rare variant polygenic risk scores