Laura Martens


10/2020 - present PhD student in the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany
01/2020 - 07/2020 Master Thesis and Research Assistant in the Lab of Shamith Samarajiwa
  University of Cambridge
08/2017 - 12/2017 DAAD Internship in the Lab of Mark Leake, University of York


2018 - 2019 M.Sc in Computational Biology, University of Cambridge
2014 - 2017  B.Sc in Physics, University of Bremen, Germany


  • Anna B. Meier*, Dorota Zawada*, Maria Teresa De Angelis*, Laura D. Martens*, ..., Julien Gagneur, ..., Alessandra Moretti. Epicardioid single-cell genomics uncovers principles of human epicardium biology in heart development and disease. Nature Biotechnology, 2023
  • Pedro Tomaz da Silva, ..., Evangelos Theodorakis, Laura D. Martens, Vicente A. Yépez, Vicent Pelechano, Julien Gagneur. Cellular energy regulates mRNA translation and degradation in a codon-specific manner. Molecular Systems Biology, 2024, PMID: 38491213
  • Laura D. Martens, David S. Fischer, Vicente A. Yépez, Fabian J. Theis@, Julien Gagneur@. Modeling fragment counts improves single-cell ATAC-seq analysis. Nature Methods, 2023, Sharedlt Link