Florian Hölzlwimmer


2019 - present PhD student in the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany
  Tutor in "Systems Genetics and Bioengineering", TUM, Germany
2018 Master Thesis at the Institute of Computational Biology, Helmholtz-Zentrum, Munich, Germany
2016 Bachelor Thesis at LFE Bioinformatik, LMU, Munich, Germany
2014 - 2018 Research assistant at Computer Operations Group, LMU, Munich, Germany


2016 - 2018 M.Sc in Computational Biology at TUM / LMU, Germany
2013 - 2016 B.Sc in Computational Biology at TUM / LMU, Germany


  • Muhammed H. Celik, Nils Wagner , Florian R. Hölzlwimmer, Vicente A. Yépez, Christian Mertes, Holger Prokisch, Julien Gagneur. Aberrant splicing prediction across human tissues. bioRxiv, 2022