Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room Seminar room 01.09.034

Time Wednesdays, 9:00 - 10:30


Wed, Apr 19 Laura Martens Epicardioid single-cell genomics uncovers principles of human epicardium biology in heart development and disease
Wed, May 3 Pedro Tomaz da Silva Solving the transcriptome code by sequencing 500 million years of fungi evolution
Wed, May 17 Yanik Bruns Identifying co-elution peptides in chimeric mass spectra
Wed, May 24 Eva Holtkamp DeepRVAT - A deep-learning approach to study rare variant effects on human traits
Wed, May 31 Shubhankar Londhe Functionally informed genotype-to-phenotype prediction in rare disease
Wed, Jun 7 Vicente Yépez Integration of RNA-seq with genotypic and phenotypic data across multiple rare diseases leads to increase diagnostics within Solve-RD
Wed, Jun 28 Felix Brechtmann Burden testing in SolveRD - A systematic analysis to identify links between rare phenotypes and genes
Tue, Jul 11 Vangelis Theodorakis Harmonizing RNA-seq analyses across Germany
Thu, Jul 20 Xueqi Cao Expression outliers identified from 3,760 hematologic malignancy transcriptomes reveal LRP1B as a novel biomarker for hairy cell leukemia variant
Wed, Aug 2 Raquel Romão Detecting expression outliers in first and last exons
Wed, Aug 30 Xavier Hernandez Alias Regulation of mRNA translation by protein-metabolite interactions
Wed, Sept 20 Florian Hölzlwimmer Multi-tissue prediction of aberrant gene expression
Wed, Sept 27 Nils Wagner Using developmental and evolutionary data as extra layers of information to improve splicing perdictions