Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room tba

Time Wednesdays, 9:00 - 10:30


Wed, Oct 12 Nils Wagner Aberrant splicing prediction across human tissues
Wed, Oct 19 Xueqi Cao Detecting rare driver genes using multi-omics from 4200 leukemia patients
Wed, Oct 26 Alexander Karollus In-silico experiments are all you need
Wed, Nov 2 Ines Scheller Improved detection of functionally relevant aberrant splicing using the Intron Jaccard Index
Wed, Nov 9 Daniela Klaproth-Andrade A genetic algorithm with deep learning-based guided mutations improves de novo peptide sequencing
Wed, Nov 23 Pedro Tomaz da Silva Cellular energy metabolism regulates mRNA translation and degradation in a codon-specific manner
Wed, Nov 30 Laura Martens Modeling fragment counts improves single-cell ATAC-seq analysis
Wed, Dec 7 Eva Holtkamp DeepRVAT - Joint modeling of rare variant genetic effects using deep learning and data-driven burden scores
Wed, Dec 15 Dennis Gankin The self-monitored DNA language model uses evolution to uncover species-specific regulatory code
Wed, Dec 21 Shubhankar Londhe A genome wide experiment-based functional gene embedding
Wed, Jan 11 Johannes Hingerl Self-supervised Learning for Mass Spectrometry
Wed, Jan 18 Vangelis Theodorakis Functional annotation of lncRNAs using in-silico RNA-binding proteins' profiles
Wed, Jan 25 Felix Brechtmann A genome wide experimentally-based functional gene embedding
Wed, Feb 1 Vicente Yépez Boosting diagnostics of rare disease patients using integrating rare variants with expression and splicing outliers within Solve-RD