Vicente Yepez


2021 - present Post doc in the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany
2016 - present Tutor of Data Analysis and Visualization, TUM, Germany
2014 - 2021   PhD student in the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany


Demand Forecasting, Requirements Planning and Sales & Operations Consultant, Novatech, Ecuador
2010 Assistant in supply chain area, Kellogg´s Company, Mexico


2021 Dr. rer. nat. by the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany
2011 - 2013 M.Sc in Mathematical Modeling in Engineering, University of L'Aquila, Italy
2012 Numerical Analysis Semester, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France
2006 - 2010 B.Sc in Industrial Engineering Tecnologico de Monterrey, Querétaro, Mexico
2009 International Business Administration Program, ESCIP School of Business, St. Omer, France


  • Christian Mertes*, Ines Scheller*, Vicente A. Yépez, Muhammed H. Çelik, Yingjiqiong Liang, Laura S. Kremer, Mirjana Gusic, Holger Prokisch, Julien Gagneur. Detection of aberrant splicing events in RNA-Seq data with FRASER. Nat Commun, 2021, PMID: 33483494 Sharedlt link.
  • Vicente A. Yépez, Christian Mertes, Michaela F. Müller, Daniela S. Andrade, Leonhard Wachutka, Laure Frésard, Mirjana Gusic, Ines Scheller, Patricia F. Goldberg, Holger Prokisch, Julien Gagneur. Detection of aberrant events in RNA-seq data. Nat Protoc , 2021, PMID: 33462443 Sharedlt link.
  • Yépez VA, Kremer LS, ..., Prokisch H, Gagneur J. (2018) OCR-Stats: Robust estimation and statistical testing of mitochondrial respiration activities using Seahorse XF Analyzer. PLoS ONE 13(7): e0199938.
  • Felix Brechtmann, Agne Matuseviciute, Christian Mertes, Vicente A Yepez, Ziga Avsec, Maximilian Herzog, Daniel Magnus Bader, Holger Prokisch, Julien Gagneur, OUTRIDER: A statistical method for detecting aberrantly expressed genes in RNA sequencing data, AJHG, 2018, PMID: 30503520
  • Ashiq Hussain, Atefeh Pooryasin, Mo Zhang, Laura F Loschek, Marco La Fortezza, Anja B Friedrich, Catherine-Marie Blais, Habibe K Üçpunar, Vicente A Yépez, Martin Lehmann, Nicolas Gompel, Julien Gagneur, Stephan J Sigrist, and Ilona C Grunwald Kadow, Inhibition of oxidative stress in cholinergic projection neurons fully rescues aging associated olfactory circuit degeneration in Drosophila, eLife, 2018. PMID: 29345616