Leonhard Wachutka


2020 - present Postdoc in the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany
2016 - 2020 PhD student in the Chair of Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany


2020 Dr. rer. nat. by the Chair of Compuational Molecular Medicine, TUM, Germany
2013 - 2015 M.Sc in Physics, LMU, Munich, Germany
2009 - 2012 B.Sc in Physics, LMU, Munich, Germany


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  • Vicente A. Yépez, Christian Mertes, Michaela F. Müller, Daniela S. Andrade, Leonhard Wachutka, ..., Mirjana Gusic, Ines Scheller, ..., Holger Prokisch, Julien Gagneur. Detection of aberrant events in RNA-seq data. Nature Protocols , 2021, PMID: 33462443 Sharedlt link.
  • Leonhard Wachutka*, Livia Caizzi*, Julien Gagneur@, Patrick Cramer@, Global donor and acceptor splicing site kinetics in human cells, eLife, 2019, PMID: 31025937
  • Vicente A Yépez M, ..., Mirjana Gusic, ..., Leonhard Wachutka, Holger Prokisch, Julien Gagneur, OCR-Stats: Robust estimation and statistical testing of mitochondrial respiration activities using Seahorse XF Analyzer, PLoS One. 2018, PMID: 29995917
  • Leonhard Wachutka and Julien Gagneur, Measures of RNA metabolism rates: Toward a definition at the level of single bonds, Transcription, 2016, PMID: 27841720
  • Eser Philipp*, Wachutka Leonhard*, ..., Cramer Patrick@, Gagneur Julien@, Determinants of RNA metabolism in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe genome, Molecular Systems Biology, 2016. PMID: 26883383