Jun Cheng


05/2015 - present PhD student in Computational Biology
04/2014 - 05/2015         Research assistant and master thesis: MPI for Biology of Aging (Dieterich Lab)
02/2013 - 11/2013  Research assistant: MPI for Plant Breeding Research (von Korff Lab)


05/2015 - present  PhD student at Gagneur Lab

10/2012 - 05/2015

M. Sc. in Biological Sciences with computational Biology specialization (University of Bonn & University of Cologne)

09/2008 -  06/2012                                        

B. Eng in Bioengineering (China Three Gorges University)


  • Cheng J, Metge F, Dieterich C. Specific identification and quantification of circular RNAs from sequencing data, Bioinformatics 32 (7), 1094-1096
  • Cheng J, Maier KC, Avsec Ž, Rus P, Gagneur J. Cis-regulatory elements explain most of the mRNA stability variation across genes in yeast. Rna 23 (11), 1648-1659
  • Avsec Ž, Barekatain M, Cheng J, Gagneur J. Modeling positional effects of regulatory sequences with spline transformations increases prediction accuracy of deep neural networks, Bioinformatics 34 (8), 1261-1269
  • Avsec Ž, Kreuzhuber R, Israeli J, Xu N, Cheng J, Shrikumar A, et al. Kipoi: accelerating the community exchange and reuse of predictive models for genomics, bioRxiv, 375345
  • Cheng J, Nguyen TYD, Cygan KJ, Çelik HM, Fairbrother WG, Gagneur J. MMSplice: modular modeling improves the predictions of genetic variant effects on splicing, Genome biology 20 (1), 48