Oberseminar Computational Genomics

Module IN2122

Lecturer Julien Gagneur

Room 01.07.023

Time Wednesdays, 12:30 - 14:00


11.04.18 Prof. Stephan Günnemann Robust and Scalable Learning with Graphs
18.04.18 Jun Cheng Predict Variant Effect on Splicing with Composite Modeling
25.04.18 Daniela Simancas Overview of the SampleDB Project
02.05.18 Elaine Zosa The Expanding Landscape of Alternative Splicing Variation in Human Populatio18.06.18
16.05.18 Julien Gagneur Selected Talks from the conference The Biology of Genomes 2018
23.05.18 Julien Gagneur Selected Talks from the conference The Biology of Genomes 2018
30.05.18 Agne Matuseviciute Outlier detection for multivariate count data and application to discovery of aberrantly expressed genes in rare disea
06.06.18 Falko Spaeh A convolutional network-based model to predict gene expression from regulatory code
20.06.18 Leonhard Wachutka Splicing yield: A novel splicing quantity
27.06.18 Jun Cheng Compositional modeling of core splicing regulation improves prediction of variant effects on splicing
04.07.18 Stefan Dvoretskii Structured and reproducible bioinformatic analysis with wBuild
11.07.18 Veronika Kotova Detection of variants in uAUG sites and its application to rare diseases
18.07.18 Dr. Sebastian Hesse Proteome analysis of neutrophil granulocytes in monogenic disease
19.07.18 Vicente Yepez Discovering the role of ncRNAs in mitochondrial diseases
25.07.18 Felix Brechtmann OUTRIDER: A statistical method for detecting aberrantly expressed genes in RNA sequencing data
17.08.18 Michaela Muller DASSIE - Detection of aberrant transcription start sites and its application to diagnostics of Mendelian disorders