Teaching @ CAMP

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Winter term 2023/24

Summer term 2024

TitleDatesTypeDurationCourse no.Lecturer (assistant)
Bachelor-Praktikum - Foundational Medical Augmented Reality (IN0012, IN4367)LinkPR60000001771
Bachelor-Praktikum - Foundations in 3D Computer Vision (IN0012, IN4371)LinkPR60000001785
Computer Aided Medical Procedures II (IN2022)LinkVI4821024626
Computer Science for Medical StudentsLinkVO20000001580
Master Practical Course - Computational Surgineering (IN2106, IN4325)LinkPR60000001778
Master Practical Course - Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (IN2106, IN4142)LinkPR60000002094
Master-Praktikum - Advanced Medical Augmented Reality (IN2106, IN4372)LinkPR60000001755
Master-Praktikum - Advanced Topics in 3D Computer Vision (IN2106, IN4023)LinkPR60000002656
Master-Seminar - Deep Learning for Medical Applications (IN2107, IN4860)LinkSE20000003267
Oberseminar - Computer Aided Medical Procedures (IN2122)LinkSE20000003855
Practical Course - Project Management and Software Development for Medical Applications (IN2106, IN4136)LinkPR60000000166