DHM-MIRMI Joint Research Center


The German Heart Center Munich (DHM) and the TUM Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI), formerly MSRM, joined forces and established a virtual center for the future of health in Munich. Within this project, technologies and research in robotics, data fusion, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality as well as AI-based data analytics, are being developed to foster clinical applications in a research environment and finally integrate them into the clinical setting. As part of the DHM-MIRMI Joint Research Center, CAMP and DHM have established a research group focusing on the development of new technologies in cardiovascular applications. Based at the German Heart Center in Munich, the group focuses on interventional guidance in cardiology and develops state-of-the-art AI techniques for catheterized procedures, including 2D/3D registration, 3D reconstruction, and catheter tracking.

Contact Person / Group Coordination

Postdoc: Agnieszka Tomczak (a.tomczak@tum.de)

Project Manager: Verena Heidel (heidel@dhm.mhn.de)

Former: Dr. Mai Bui (mai.bui@tum.de), Franziska Doll (doll@mhn.dhm.de)

Group Members


Prof. Nassir Navab, Agnieszka Tomczak, Dr. Shahrooz FaghihroohiArdit Ramadani, Heiko Maier, Baochang Zhang


Dr. Mai Bui


German Heart Center Munich

Lazarettstraße 60, Room number: 005