Austrian Center for Digital Production

The Austrian Center for Digital Production supports companies in the digitalization and automation of discrete manufacturing and production processes

Their focus is on small batch sizes and potentially high product variability, to enable digitalization particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. For this purpose they combine expertise from mechanical engineering, computer science, product design as well as machine learning. This combination allows them to conduct application oriented research that meets the needs of industry.

Prof. Dr. S. Rinderle-Ma leads Area 3 on Process-Based Manufacturing Orchestration which focuses on serveral Topics:

  • Manufacturing orchestration with modular process engine
  • Modeling, managing and executing mora than 16 manufacturing process orchestration scenarios across several companies
  • enabling the contextualized and aggregated collection of data
  • enabling the combined analysis, prediction and optimization of process event and sensor data during runtime
  • keeping humans in the loop based on
    • model-driven process development
    • provision of root-cause analysis and recommendation of mitigation actions in case of compliance violations
    • worker assistance measures

At our chair Dr. Juergen Mangler, Janik-Vasily Benzin, Simon Raedler, Matthias Ehrendorfer and Philip Mangelberger are involved in projects with the CDP.


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