How can you benefit from collaborating with us?

Technology transfer and innovation

By collaborating with a chair at the Technical University of Munich, you as a company benefit from the cutting-edge research and specialist knowledge of our scientific experts. You can benefit from new scientific findings and innovations. This enables you to convert research results in the form of innovative solutions and technologies developed in joint research projects into marketable products or services, thereby strengthening your company's competitiveness.

Access to talented students

As one of the best universities in Germany, the Technical University of Munich also attracts many talented students. By cooperating with us, you as a company can establish contact with future specialists at an early stage, promote talent and ideally recruit them as interns or employees.

Image enhancement and partnership profile

Collaborating with a renowned institution such as the Technical University of Munich can enhance a company's image. Such a partnership signals commitment to research and development, a spirit of innovation and a willingness to invest in the training of future specialists, which can have a positive effect on the perception of customers, business partners and the public.

Training and knowledge transfer

By working with us as a chair, you have access to a wide range of training programs and courses. This enables your company's employees to deepen their specialist knowledge and keep up to date, which can increase the innovative strength and performance of the team as a whole.

Contact us

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