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M.Sc. Sarah Tilscher

Research Interests

  • Incremental and interactive static analysis by abstract interpretation
  • Verification of fix-point algorithms in Isabelle


  • Goblint - A static analyzer using abstract interpretation for analyzing multi-threaded C programs


  • Advanced Concepts of Programming Languages (tutorial): WiSe21, WiSe22
  • Compiler Construction (tutorial): SoSe22, SoSe23
  • The Tyranny of Types: Curse or Blessing (seminar): SoSe22

Student Theses

If you are interested in doing a student thesis related to static analysis and Goblint, feel free to reach out. For more information on possible student topics see here.

  • Towards Zero-Cost Reanalysis of Programs after Common Refactorings, summer 2022 (bachelor thesis)
  • Control-Flow Graph Matching for Incremental Static Analysis in Goblint,  summer 2022 (bachelor thesis)