Sarah Tilscher, M.Sc.

Tel: +49 (89) 289 18184
Raum: 5607.02.053

Research Interests

  • Incremental and interactive static analysis by abstract interpretation
  • Verification of fixpoint algorithms in Isabelle


  • Goblint - A static analyzer using abstract interpretation for analyzing multi-threaded C programs



  • Advanced Concepts of Programming Languages (tutorial): WiSe21, WiSe22, WiSe23
  • Compiler Construction (tutorial): SoSe22, SoSe23
  • The Tyranny of Types: Curse or Blessing (seminar): SoSe22
  • Static Analysis - Tools and Techniques (seminar): WiSe23

Student Theses

If you are interested in doing a student thesis related to static analysis and Goblint, its web frontend GobView or the verification of fixpoint algorithms in Isabelle, feel free to reach out. For more information on possible student topics see here.


  • Verification of the Top-Down Solver with Side-Effects in Isabelle (master thesis)
  • Evaluating Variants of the Top-Down Solver with the Modular Fixpoint Library ScalaFix (bachelor thesis)

In Progress:

  • Towards the Verification of Top-Down Solvers (master thesis)


  • Automatic Generation of Test Cases for lncremental Static Analysis (bachelor thesis, 8/23)
  • Visualizing Non-local Static Analysis Results in GobView (bachelor thesis, 8/23)
  • GobView - Making Static Analysis Results Understandable (bachelor thesis, 7/23)
  • Control-Flow Graph Matching for Incremental Static Analysis in Goblint (bachelor thesis, 11/22)
  • Towards Zero-Cost Reanalysis of Programs after Common Refactorings (bachelor thesis, 08/22)