The Tyranny of Types: Curse or Blessing?

Speaker Sarah Tilscher, Anastasiia Izycheva
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Module IN0014, IN2107


Type systems play an essential role in the design of many programming languages. By classifying terms according to the kinds of values they compute, optimizations can be included, feedback can be provided to the programmer and certain run-time errors can be avoided. Beyond that, extended type systems have been proposed for program analyses on secure information-flow, resource usage or possible data races.

In this seminar we will examine a variety of type systems of modern programming languages and highlight some of their different concepts. In the course of that, we will discuss the advantages and limitations of static and dynamic type inference. Beyond that, we can take a look at some extended type systems that enable program analyses for other safety properties.


The seminar will be organized as a mini-conference. After submitting your draft paper you will be asked to review some drafts of your fellow students. The received feedback should be incorporated before submitting the final version of the paper. The final talks will be held en-block within two or three days at the end of the semester.

Pre-course meeting Feb 4th, 4pm
Kick-off meeting Mar 29th, 2pm slides
Topic distribution until April 11th  
Individual meetings to discuss literature choice and outline tba  
Draft paper submission Jun 5th LaTeX Template (we are using ACM Primary Article Template)
Review submisson Jun 19th  
Final paper submission July 3rd  
Talks July 14th and 15th, 9am - 3pm 03.11.018


Topic Reference Paper  
Static vs Dynamic Typing link BA
Gradual Typing  link BA/MA
Type Inference Algorithms link BA
Union and Intersection Types link  BA
Type Classes link BA/MA
Application of Refinement Types link BA/MA
Generalized Algebraic Data Types (GADTs) link BA/MA
Effect Systems link MA
Ownership-based Types link MA
Dependent Types link MA
Liquid Types link BA/MA
Path-Dependent Types link MA
Type-Level Programming link MA
Type-Guided Program Synthesis link MA
Type Error Explanation link MA
Using Types for Security link MA

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This seminar is open to Master and advanced Bachelor students. The following lectures are helpful (but not required) prerequisites for this course:

  • Functional Programming and Verification
  • Lambda Calculus
  • Programming Languages
  • Semantics of Programming Languages
  • Compiler Construction