Bachelor's Practical course - Kotlin (IN0012)

Advisors Dr. Raphaela Löbel, Prof. Helmut Seidl
Location MI 02.07.051
Date daily, 22nd Nov - 1st Dec 9:00-17:00
Module IN0012
Pre-meeting There will be no pre-meeting in the end of summer semester. All information will be given on this website.


The goal of this lab course is to get acquainted with the programming language Kotlin which will then be used for Android app development.

General Concept

This course is held as a blocked course in presence from Nov 22 - Dec 1. During this time, You are expected to be present to join the programming efforts for the equivalent of at least 8x4h. Since you might be required to attend other courses, you can strech this over the day in the aforementioned period.

The course consists of a short presentation (online) before the blocked course. Topics will be announced and are in the area of the programming language Kotlin and software development with scrum and version control using git. The goal is to get started with the programming language Kotlin and have some practical experiences. You are expected to provide a practical assignment covering the topic of your presentation such that everyone get prepared for the blocked course.
During the blocked course an Android app is implemented in teams of 3-5 students. At the end you give a presentation of your work. After the blocked course you are expected to sum up your programming work and write a documentation in a written report.

The grade of the course consists of the aforementioned 4 components: presentation in the beginning and practical assignment (20%), programming part (60%), presentation of the app (10%), written report (10%).