Teaching @ CAMP

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Winter term 2022/23

TitleDatesTypeDurationCourse no.Lecturer (assistant)
Computer Aided Medical Procedures (IN2021)LinkVO4240971481
Computer Science for Medical StudentsLinkVO20000001580
Image Guided Surgery (IN2286)LinkVI40000001013
Introduction to Surgical Robotics (IN2292)LinkVI40000002730
Master Practical Course - Computational Surgineering (IN2106, IN4325)LinkPR60000001367
Master Practical Course - Machine Learning in Medical Imaging (IN2106, IN4142)LinkPR60000001192
Master-Seminar - Deep Learning for Medical Applications (IN2107, IN4860)LinkSE20000001413
Master-Seminar - Modern Computer Vision Methods (IN2107, IN4486)LinkSE20000001313
Medical Augmented Reality (IN2293)LinkVI50000000873
Oberseminar - Computer Aided Medical Procedures (IN2122)LinkSE20000001338
Practical course - Project Management and Software Development for Medical Applications (IN2106, IN4136)LinkPR60000001026

Summer term 2023