Lennart Bastian

Picture of Lennart Bastian

M.Sc. Lennart Bastian

Informatics 16 - Chair of Computer Aided Medical Procedures (Prof. Navab)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München

Research Interests

  • Shape Understanding in Medical Imaging
  • 3D Computer Vision (3D Reconstruction, Pointcloud Segmentation, Scene Understanding)
  • Surgical Data Science & Workflow Recognition

Curriculum Vitae

  • 03/2021 - current: PhD Student at CAMP Chair, TUM
  • 03/2017 - 09/2020: M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, TUM


  • Bastian, Lennart; Wang, Tony Danjun; Czempiel, Tobias; Busam, Benjamin; Navab, Nassir: DisguisOR: holistic face anonymization for the operating room. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 18 (7), 2023, 1209-1215 more…
  • Bastian, Lennart; Derkacz-Bogner, Daniel; Wang, Tony D.; Busam, Benjamin; Navab, Nassir: SegmentOR: Obtaining Efficient Operating Room Semantics Through Temporal Propagation. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Nature Switzerland, 2023 more…
  • Bastian, Lennart; Baumann, Alexander; Hoppe, Emily; Bürgin, Vincent; Kim, Ha Young; Saleh, Mahdi; Busam, Benjamin; Navab, Nassir: S3M: Scalable Statistical Shape Modeling Through Unsupervised Correspondences. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Nature Switzerland, 2023 more…
  • Bastian, Lennart; Czempiel, Tobias; Heiliger, Christian; Karcz, Konrad; Eck, Ulrich; Busam, Benjamin; Navab, Nassir: Know your sensORs - A Modality Study For Surgical Action Classification. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization 11 (4), 2022, 1113-1121 more…


Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in an IDP, Guided Research or Thesis Project.







2023 SS Practical Project in Computer Vision Learning Deformations with Hand Interactions Nick Fest, Askar Kolushev, Gözde Ünver
2023 SS Practical Project in Computer Vision 6D Pose Estimation for Unseen Categories Mohammad Rashed, Yizheng Xie, Tim Strohmeyer
2023 SS Master's Thesis Learning Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Neural Networks Lana Frkin
2023 SS Interdisciplinary Project Operating Room Re-identification from Limited Supervision Tony Wang
2023 SS Master's Thesis Robust Medical Image Segmentation through the Integration of Deep Statistical Shape Priors Cansu Yildirim
2023 SS Research Internship Neural Interpolation for Dynamic 6D Pose Aude Bouille
2022 WS Master's Thesis Temporally Consistent 4D Operating Room Segmentation Daniel Derkacz-Bogner
2022 WS Master's Thesis Unsupervised Representation Disentanglement of Human CT Scans Saransh Agarwal
2022 WS Bachelor's Thesis Whole organ SSM Generation from 3D Ultrasound Stanley Sojka
2022 WS Master's Thesis Unsupervised motion segmentation in Lidar Pointclouds Nikutta, Philipp
2022 WS Master's Thesis Unsupervised clustering for Indoor Semantic Segmentation Fatma Merve Karali
2022 WS Master's Thesis 2D3D Contrastive Learning for Weakly-supervised Indoor Semantic Segmentation Mert Kiray
2022 SS Research Internship Thyroid Registration using Anatomical Priors Renaud Gaucher
2022 SS Case Studies Nonlinear Optimization Partial Shape Correspondence through Decoupled Functional Maps

Bodo Lipp, Niklas Lüdtke, Pietro Massetani, Binlan Wu

2022 SS Data Innovation Lab Partial Thyroid Correspondence Alexander Baumann, Emily Hopp, Vincent Bürgin, Ha Young Kim
2022 SS Advanced Topics for 3D Computer Vision Project Weakly Supervised Segmentation using Projective Cycle-consistency Mert Kiray, Fatma Karali, Maximilian Forstenhäusler, Artem Evdokimov
2022 SS Bachelor Thesis 3D Holistic OR Anonymization Tony Wang
2021 WS Interdisciplinary Project One Click 4D Operating Room Segmentation Daniel Derkacz-Bogner