Mahdi Saleh

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M.Sc. Mahdi Saleh

Informatics 16 - Chair of Computer Aided Medical Procedures (Prof. Navab)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München


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Research Interests

  • 3D computer vision and Machine Learning
  • 6D Object pose estimation
  • Hierarchical representations and Graph Neural Networks
  • Vision Language Models


  • 2 paper accepted at ICRA 2024
  • 1 paper accepted at ICCV 2023
  • 1 paper accepted at MICCAI 2023 and 1 paper for ShapeMI MICCAI Workshop
  • 1 paper accepted at CVPR 2023
  • I am starting a PhD research internship at Meta Reality Labs, Redmond WA
  • Won 2 awards at BOP 6D Object Pose 2022 challenge
  • 1 papers accepted at IROS 2022, Kyoto Japan
  • 2 papers accepted at CVPR 2022, New Orleans, USA
  • 1 paper accepted at Neurips 2021
  • I am starting a PhD research internship at Facebook Reality Labs, CA
  • Outstanding Reviewer at CVPR 2021
  • Accepted Oral paper at 3DV 2020


  • Bastian, Lennart; Baumann, Alexander; Hoppe, Emily; Bürgin, Vincent; Kim, Ha Young; Saleh, Mahdi; Busam, Benjamin; Navab, Nassir: S3M: Scalable Statistical Shape Modeling Through Unsupervised Correspondences. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Nature Switzerland, 2023 mehr…
  • Bastian, Lennart; Bürgin, Vincent; Kim, Ha Young; Baumann, Alexander; Busam, Benjamin; Saleh, Mahdi; Navab, Nassir: On the Localization of Ultrasound Image Slices Within Point Distribution Models. In: Shape in Medical Imaging. Springer Nature Switzerland, 2023 mehr…
  • Saleh, Mahdi; Wang, Yige; Navab, Nassir; Busam, Benjamin; Tombari, Federico: CloudAttention: Efficient Multi-Scale Attention Scheme For 3D Point Cloud Learning. International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2022 mehr…
  • Saleh, Mahdi; Wu, Shun-Cheng; Cosmo, Luca; Navab, Nassir; Busam, Benjamin; Tombari, Federico: Bending Graphs: Hierarchical Shape Matching using Gated Optimal Transport. Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2022 mehr…
  • Su, Yongzhi; Saleh, Mahdi; Fetzer, Torben; Rambach, Jason; Navab, Nassir; Busam, Benjamin; Stricker, Didier; Tombari, Federico: ZebraPose: Coarse to Fine Surface Encoding for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation. Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2022 mehr…
  • Yu, Hao; Li, Fu; Saleh, Mahdi; Busam, Benjamin; Ilic, Slobodan: CoFiNet: Reliable Coarse-to-fine Correspondences for Robust PointCloud Registration. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 34, 2021 mehr…

Student Projects

If you are looking for an IDP, guided research or master thesis around these topics please contact me.

Here is a list of current and previously supervised projects:

Semester Type Topic By Material
2023/24 WS Master's Thesis Self-Supervised 3D Shape Completion By Growing Graphs B. Bekci  
2023 SS AT3DCV Project Exploring Unsupervised Multimodal 3D Understanding I. Unlu, A. Jevtić, O. Aksoy  
2023 SS AT3DCV Project Learning Deformations with Hand Interactions G. Ünver, N. Fest, A. Kolushev  
2023 SS Master's Thesis Enhanced 3D ultrasound visualization through Unsupervised Segmentation Oleksandra Tmenova  
2022/23 WS Master's Thesis Vertebrae shape completion in ultrasound M. Gafencu  
2022/23 WS Master's Thesis Real Time Camera Relocalization In Dynamic Environment E. shishniashvili  
2022 SS DI-LAB Project Partial 3D Thyroid Registration A. Baumann, V. Burgin, E. Hoppe, H. Y. Kim

Final Report

2022 SS NLO Project Case Studies Nonlinear Optimization: Deformable Shape Matching B. Wu, L. Lüdtke, B. Lipp, P. Massetani

Course Webpage

2022 SS AT3DCV Project RANSAC with GNN A. R. Bhattarai, E. D. Franco, K. Han  
2022 SS Master's Thesis Domain Agnostic Feature Extraction using Graph Neural Networks R. Srikanth  
2021/22 WS Guided Research Self-supervised 3D Detection with Scene Flow M. Herold, A. Srinivas  
2021/22 WS Master's Thesis 3D Object Detection and Pose Estimation Using Scene Graphs S. Jeevanandam  
2021/22 WS Guided Research [Exploring point cloud shape completion and upsamplnig for 3D object detection E. Abdelhafez  
2021 SS Lab Project Hierarchical Retrieval in 3D Scans using GNN A. Bodonhelyi, A. Desousa  
2021 SS Master's Thesis PointPerceiver?: Hierarchical point cloud processing with Transformers Y. Wang  
2021 SS Master's Thesis Weakly-Supervised 3D Object Detection by Self-Ensembling E. Cakir  
2020/21 WS Master's IDP 3D Object Detection and Flow Estimation in Dynamic Surgical Enviroments D. Gokay, E. Simsar  
2020/21 WS Hiwi 3D Pedestrian Detection from LiDAR Point Clouds Ch. Yeshwanth  
2020 SS Guided Research 3D Object Detection from Multi-scale Point Clouds Features N. Danis  
2020 SS Practical Project Tabletop Object Trajectory Augmentation using 3D Point Clouds A. Mehrfard, I. Chan, R. Fok  
2019/20 WS Master's IDP Graph-based Point Cloud Registration for Tool Tracking Shervin Dehghani  
2019/20 WS Hiwi Project Visual Assistance with 3D captioning HyunJun Jung  
2018/19 WS Practical Project Autonomous Garbage Collector using 3D Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning HyunJun Jung
Damian Bogunowicz
Sangram Gupta
 Final Presentation
 Video Welcome.AI
2018/19 WS Practical Project 3D Reconstruction and Semantic Segmentation for Furniture Replacement Vasiliki Sideri
Shervin Dehghani
Tam Tran
 Final Presentation
2018/19 WS Bachelor's Thesis Deep Reinforcement Learning Simulation for Path Planning Tobias Valinski
2018/19 SS Lab Course 3d Joint Motion Visualization for Sports or Physical Therapy Sri Divya Vajapeyajula  
2018/19 SS Lab Course Live Avatar of 3D Human Pose Tracking Arturo Diaz Coca  
2018 SS Bachelor's IDP Implementation of Mobile Robot Communication Interface and Sensor Control Krist S.