Kevin Thiel

Kevin K. Thiel, M.Sc.
Computational visualistics (Computervisualistik)
External Phd - Volkswagen AG, Group Research, Wolfsburg

Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching bei München

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Research interests

  • Augmented Reality (Industrial)
  • Virtual Reality (Industrial)
  • Tracking (Registration and Calibration)
  • Machine Learning (Parameter Tuning and Computer Vision)

Theses and Student Projects

  • "Methoden zum Einsatz von Image-based Rendering für Spatial Augmented Reality" (Master's Thesis) - Volkswagen AG, Group Research, Wolfsburg
  • "Analyse moderner medizinischer CBT Systeme mit Fokus auf SimMed?" (Bachelor's Thesis) - Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH?, Berlin