Scientific Director: Gudrun Klinker

Contact Person(s): Marcus Tönnis

Start: 2006/02/01
End: 2007/02/01


Keywords: HCI in Cars




New interaction and information concepts for car drivers are in common evaluated in driving simulators. Systems like these often require a lot of work to realize predefined scenarios.
What about taking real traffic scenarios and putting them into simulated environments?
With a suitable system, ergonomic engineers can request car drivers to create a specific traffic scenario, which for instance would cause a driver to react in a certain way. Analysis of those szenarios opens up a new opportunity for the design of rules reflecting human behaviour.
This project provides a platform for these issues:

  • Sensor data is used as well as AR and tracking based data to generate immersive szenarios
  • Driver behaviour is capturable for objective analysis
  • Interactive table-top development of scenarios
  • Multi-channel configurable immersive presentation from different viewpoints










M. Tönnis
The Tangible Car - Rapid Intuitive Traffic Scenario Generation in a Hybrid Table-top and Virtual Environment
The Fourth International Workshop on the Tangible Space Initiative in conjuntion with the Sixth IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Nara, Japan, Nov. 13 - 16, 2007. (bib)


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