Break Out - Augmented Reality for Computer Games

Start: 2003/03/01
Finish: 2004/03/29





The aim of this project was to implement a simple game which can be used to demonstrate the possibilities of augmented reality in general and particularly of the DWARF framework. The game developed during the course of this project is based on the popular game Break Out, which was originally developed by Atari in 1976 as an arcade video game.

In this game the player controls a racket at the bottom of the playing area. The player has to use the racket to prevent the ball moving in the area from reaching the bottom side. At the top of the area there is a number of blocks, which have to be destroyed by hitting them repeatedly to win the game.

The player interacts with the game by moving a tracked object. The movement of this object is used to calculate the movement of the racket. For tracking functionality Break Out is dependant on the ARTTracker service. Additionally, the service Viewer is used for visualization purposes.











Bearbeiter: Steven Pessall
Aufgabensteller: Prof. Gudrun Klinker Ph.D.
Betreuer: Martin Bauer
Abgabedatum: 29.03.2004


  • Install & compile DWARF (see DwarfInstallTutorial and DwarfBuildTutorial)
  • Call make install in directory ../build/src/services/BreakOut
  • Call make install in directory ../build/applications/BreakOut
  • Start the middleware (if not already running): ./run-servicemanager
  • Start the tracking service: ./ARTTracker
  • (Your ARTTracker is configured and running, isn't it?)
  • Start the calibration service: ./ObjectCalibration
  • Start the visualization component: ./Viewer
  • And finally start BreakOut: ./


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