FISCH Application

Issues - Discussion - Questions & Answers

  • Where is the Focal Plane --MT
    • at 10m --MT
  • Hey - when the head moves - do we have to move the lens or sth?

Finished Coding

  • update viewer settings
  • Szenario world settings
  • Changed all errors caused by str2double(String text, double defaultValue)
  • Changed in DTrackCtrl? setSceneario(Scenario scenario) to updateSettings()
  • Changed SceneReader? and SceneWriter?
  • Cleaned Up Scaling Objects
  • Extended SpObject? with: setCameraData and updateSettings
  • Extended Test Save Load with other SettingTests?
  • SpatialCamera? not in SpOb?-List, now seperate in Scenario
  • Initial Camera Settings from Scenario
  • Splitted Gui-Package into Ctrl- and Gui-Package
  • Changed all CtrlGui?-Classnames into Gui-Classnames
  • By Loading new Spatialobject destination can be choosen: Origin or actual CameraPosition?


  • inital Viewersettings gesetzt
  • actionlsitener fuer dTracktextfields
  • DTRack base trafo testen

Setup of Environment

  • Install Eclipse
  • Start Eclipse and install the Subclipse plugin. Here's the tutorial.
  • After installation of Subclipse, open Windows -> Preferences, select Team -> SVN in the left side tree and select SVNKit (Pure Java) as SVN interface

Access to the Repository

  • Switch to the SVN Repository Exploring perspective
  • Add a new repository location: svn+ssh://<YOUR_NAME>

Get it Running

  • Find Project FISCH and there find class
  • Right click and select Run As -> Java Application
  • The program will start and termiante with an error (as expected - we do not have Java3D linked)
  • Go to Run->Run... and select the entry Fisch in the left side tree, select the Arguments tab
  • Set the VM arguments: -Djava.library.path="<YOUR_WORKSPACE_PATH>FISCH\Lib\bin"
  • Clicking on run again will start the system

Coding Guidelines and Conventions

  • The GUI is defined in the gui package - classes are named XXXGui
  • Anonymous inner classes of XXXListeners ONLY call actionXXX methods - these do the rest
  • Associated =XXXController=s take care of String conversions for the GUI
  • The Viewer3D as a special kind of a GUI element is - haha - let's see this later

-- MarcusToennis - 15 Mar 2007