Josef Stumpfegger

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I am a scientific programer at the group of Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann. My major fields in research include scientific visualization, real-time rendering and high performance GPGPU programming.


Supervised Theses

Topic Student Type of Thesis
Terrain Rendering using RT Cores in Vulkan Florian Hamberger Bachelor
Optimizing Reservoir Sampling for Volumetric Path Tracing Florian Herick Master
Analysis of Variance Reduction Techniques for Monte Carlo Path Tracing on Hardware Accelerators Yunus Chakir Master
Denoising of Monte Carlo Path Tracing for Volume Rendering Oskar Homburg Master
Smooth Textured Surface Renconstruction from Point Cloud Rendered Images
as well as Path Traced Images Using Variational Methods
Han Liang Master
Improvements of Realtime Global Illuminationo with Ray-Traced Irradiance Fields Jeremias Neth Master
Multi-view 3D Reconstruction: Evaluation and Reimplementation of State of the Art Methods Casimir Graf von Wallwitz Bachelor
Interactive 3D Multiparameter Enseble Correlation Visualization Mehmet Gül Master
Spatiotemporal Reservoir Resampling for Bidirectional Real-time Path Tracing Methods Philipp Eckart-Weißbäcker Master