SEPs and Theses

Within the curriculum of Computer Science students are required to pursue a SEP and a thesis. Both types consist of working on a scientific research topic on your own and present the results within a written essay. For the SEPs and bachelor thesis, the focus is on practical implementation of some research material. The master/diploma thesis requires independent research effort to elaborate some state-of-the-art topic.

The following is just a small excerpt from a variety of topics related to realtime rendering, scientific visualization, visual effects, visual computing, and 3D printing. Please come and talk to us about your interests and how we can come together.  You can bring your own ideas or we will find a suitable topic for you. Please also check the postings in the showcase outside the chairs aisle.

Title Contact Info

SEP/Bachelor thesis

Several topics (covering a range of computer graphics and visualization issues from 3D realtime rendering to volume visualization, including stochastic sampling, deep learning,  uncertainty visualization, advanced shader programming) are available. westermann(at) more info

Master thesis

Self-supervised scene segmentation for meteorological data analysis kevin.hoehlein(at) more info
Improved feature attribution based on data-adaptive attribution paths kevin.hoehlein(at) more info
Data-driven likelihood estimation in ensemble-based numerical weather prediction kevin.hoehlein(at) more info
Modelling of spatio-temporal correlations in multi-variate meteorological data kevin.hoehlein(at) more info