5th Workshop on Advanced Topics in 3D Computer Vision. July 2023

We joyfully invite our academic and industrial partners to join us for our 5th annual workshop on advanced topics in 3D Computer Vision. Date/Time and Location: 25th of July, 18:30, TranslaTUM, Einsteinstr. 25.

For this year's event, we have curated a series of presentations centered around the realm of 3D computer vision. If you plan to attend, please fill our RSVP form.

The following program takes place at TranslaTUM, ground floor auditorium:

Time Speaker Topic
6.30pm Benjamin Busam Introduction and Welcome
6.40pm Idil Ünlü, Aleksandar Jevtic, Abdullah Orhun Aksoy Exploring Unsupervised Multimodal 3D Understanding
7.10pm Yizheng Xie, Mohammad Majdi Mohammad Rashed, Tim Strohmeyer 6D Pose Estimation for Unseen Categories
7.40pm Soumya Mondal, Surya Prabhakaran Multi-Finger Grasping with Cat.-level Poses
8.10pm Tony Wang, Michael Pabst, Yushan Zheng 4D Human Perception
8.40pm Alexander Ladikos, ImFusion Medical Computer Vision at ImFusion
--- Break and Exchange ---
9.30pm Shanxin Yuan, Queen Mary University of London Understanding Human Behaviour in 3D
10.20pm Gözde Ünver, Nicholas Fest, Askar Kolushev Learning Deformations with Hand Interaction
10.50pm Nicolas Schischka, Florian Grötzner, Melih Görgülü Introducing Dynamics in NeRF-SLAM
11.20pm Wang Zhehuan, Cedric Perauer, Barış Zongur Zero-shot category level grasping


Our Keynote speaker for this year: 

Dr Shanxin Yuan is a Lecturer from Queen Mary University of London. His research focuses on computer vision and machine learning, with a strong philosophy of transferring research to significant real-world applications. He works on several lines of research, especially 3D digital humans and computational photography. The recent topics include hand/head/body pose estimation and reconstruction, neural rendering for deformable objects, pose retargeting, immersive gaming, music understanding, and fashion AI. Dr Yuan’s previous research has been successfully shipped to several products that are being used by millions of people worldwide.

The workshop is sponspered by ImFusion. 

ImFusion is an ISO 13485 certified company offering consulting, R&D and software solutions in advanced medical image computing and computer vision. We offer a one stop shop for high performance medical software solutions and project based consulting targeted at costumer needs. In this talk, Dr. Alexander Ladikos, head of ImFusion's computer vision team, will give a short overview of the company and present recent work in the space of endoscopic SLAM and general medical computer vision.