Augmented Mirrors

Contact Person

Alejandro Martin Gomez

Daniel Roth (

Ulrich Eck


A recurrent problem in egocentric Augmented Reality (AR) is the misestimation of depth. Providing alternative views from non-egocentric perspectives can convey useful information for applications that require the correct judgment of depth.

Augmented Mirrors enable to reflect changes of real and virtual content of an AR application while providing the perceptual advantages of using mirrors. This concept only requires tracking the user and mirror poses with the accuracy demanded by a specific application. Moreover, it can be used for multiple applications ranging from alignment, exploration, spatial understanding, and selective content visualization using different AR-enabled devices and tracking technologies.

Keywords: Interaction Paradigms, Augmented Reality, Visualization, Perception, Object Alignment

Project Members

Alejandro Martin Gomez

Alexander Winkler

Kevin Yu

Daniel Roth

Ulrich Eck

Prof. Nassir Navab