PLAFOKON - Universelles, skalierbares Plattformkonzept für mikroinvasive viszeralmedizinische Eingriffe

Contact Person

Ulrich Eck


The aim of the project is an advancement of the minimally-invasive surgical platform "Single-Port Overtube" (SPOT) and its seamless integration into clinical workflows. This is to be achieved by a holistic examination of the surgical treatment pathway from referral to discharge.

Patient data collected in the context of the so-called patient characterization as well as a continuously growing archive of interventions performed in the past serve as a basis for planning upcoming surgeries. On this basis, predictions can be made regarding the complexity of the intervention, the expected duration of the operation, the required instruments, etc. Similarly, the SPOT platform can be customized for individual patients and procedures. With the help of 3D printing processes, it is possible to produce the desired manipulator within the shortest possible time and make it available for surgical use. The surgical team is supported intraoperatively by so-called workflow recognition technology. This involves analyzing available signals from the operating room infrastructure - such as the laparoscopic video image, device statuses and sensor data streams - using machine learning to automatically recognize the current situation in the operating room. This forms the basis for the execution of context-dependent assistance functions, such as the display of situational information on the OR monitor or the semi-autonomous control of medical equipment. Other assistance functions such as semi-autonomous tracking of the endoscopic camera and collision avoidance between the SPOT platform and persons are also part of the concept. Postoperatively, all complications and incidents that occurred during treatment are included in the final report and archived. This in turn serves as a basis for future cases.

Keywords: Surgical Workflow, Medical Robotics, Computer-Aided Surgery, Medical Augmented Reality

Project Members

Prof. Nassir Navab

Tobias Czempiel

Dr. Ulrich Eck

Prof. Feussner / MITI Group

Prof. Lueth / Mimed Group