7 papers accepted at ECCV

The computer vision team has 7 papers accepted at European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2022. Congratulations to all authors and collaborators!

D Gao, Y Li, P Ruhkamp, I Skobleva, M Wysocki, HJ Jung, P Wang, A Guridi, B Busam
    Polarimetric Pose Prediction

SR Vutukur, I Shugurov, B Busam, A Hutter, S Ilic
    WeLSA: Learning To Predict 6D Pose From Weakly Labeled Data Using Shape Alignment

Y Strümpler, J Postels, R Yang, L Van Gool, F Tombari
    Implicit Neural Representations for Image Compression

F Naeem, E. Pınar Örnek, Y Xian, L Van Gool, F Tombari
    3D Compositional Zero-shot Learning with DeCompositional Consensus

Y Li, F Tombari
    E-Graph: Minimal Solution for Rigid Rotation with Extensibility Graphs

R Zhang, Y Di, Z Lou, F Manhardt, F Tombari, X Ji
    RBP-Pose: Residual Bounding Box Projection for Category-Level Pose Estimation

H Coskun, A Zareian, J Moore, F Tombari, C Wang
    GOCA: Guided Online Cluster Assignment for Self Supervised Video Representation Learning