ImVis 2024 - 14th Workshop on Advanced Imaging and Visualization

We are happy to announce the program for our annual ImVis workshop. The workshop will be held in the Austrian sports resort Faaker See from May 5th to May 10th.

Bus Transfer

Sunday May 5th

From ZOB Munich  to BSFZ Faaker See

11:30 Meeting at ZOB Munich

12:00 Departure by bus to Faak

17:30 Arrival at BFSZ Faak

Friday May 10th

From BSFZ Faaker See to ZOB Munich

13:00 Departure by bus to Munich

18:30 Arrival at ZOB Munich

Invited talks

Dr. Christoph Baur: Computer Vision in Microwave Imaging

Dr. Hendrik Burwinkel: Physics-Informed Learning for Advancing Eye Health in Ophthalmology

Dr. Ghazal Ghazaei: From Idea to Product: A Showcase of Research and Product Development at ZEISS CRT

Dr. Christoph Hennersperger: Addressing unmet clinical needs in interventional imaging for complex cardiac interventions

PD Dr. Slobodan Ilic: A 25-year journey through computer vision research

Dr. Arash Taki: Exploring Aerosol Therapy for Lung Diseases: Mapping Research Opportunities

Dr. Wolfgang Wein: Combining visual computing with machine learning to improve image-guided interventions

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wendler: TBD


You can find the program for CAMPing here and the program for the day trip to Trieste here.


  • ID document/passport/visa
  • Sports wear and shoes
  • Favorite board/card game for games night