Congratulations to our Professor Nassir Navab who received the prestigious 2021 MICCAI Enduring Impact Award (EIA)

This year’s MICCAI had a special surprise in store. Our own Prof. Nassir Navab received the prestigious MICCAI Enduring Impact award. The award recognizes senior researchers whose work made and enduring impact in the areas of medical image computing and computer assisted interventions.

Some of Prof. Nassir Navab achievements include a current citation of 44893 (h-index of 95), >170 MICCAI papers, editorial and advisory board member of many journals, including IEEE TMI and MedIA. He received the IEEE ISMAR 10 year lasting impact award in 2015 and is a MICCAI Society Fellow. In 2015 he was the General Chair for the MICCAI conference in Munich. Last but not least his guidance lead to many successful PhD students. Again congratulations to Nassir Navab from the whole chair!