Foto von Innocenzo Fulginiti

Innocenzo Fulginiti

Technische Universität München


Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München

Research interests

Optimizations on quantum circuits at compile time.

Thesis Opportunities

Currently MQV (Munich Quantum Valley)  is building a quantum computer and promoting quantum science and quantum technologies in Bavaria. We, as researchers in MQV, are working with many research groups to build a quantum computing ecosystem.  For that we face challenges in areas like quantum programming language (E.g., design, compilation, and optimization of programming languages that deal with quantum specific features and/or classical control signal), quantum algorithms (E.g., mapping and routing algorithms that equip circuits with hardware-specific properties), tools/frameworks (could be one that helps perform analysis for quantum specific problems, one that helps users to design quantum circuits, or one that provides interfaces amongst different functional modules in quantum computing). Feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss further, so that we could develop some thesis topic that is tailored to both your personal interests and our ongoing research.


Bernasconi A., Berti A., Ciriani V., Corso G. D. and Fulginiti I., ”XOR-AND-XOR Logic Forms for Autosymmetric Functions and Applications to Quantum Computing,” in: IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 2022,


  • Quantum Computing at Compile Time: WS23/24